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I have had many opportunities to work with many different brands from museums to hotels, to apps, and more!

  • The Line Hotel
  • Bumble
  • DIA
  • Pure Michigan
  • StockX

Get Paid To Be Yourself

The Entrepreneurial Influencer's Guide to Success

There’s nothing more gratifying than getting paid to be nothing short of yourself. If you’re looking for the complete package from start to finish on how to organize and make your brand stand out, this is for you. I went over and beyond for you because I want you to fully understand the in’s and out’s of this business and truly grasp how to brand yourself and monetize your brand from head to toe. This complete e-course is to help you get to your target of success, a little bit faster, with a lot less error.
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Get Paid To Be Yourself

Let's get you paid for being you!

From working as a Software Engineer making a little over $50,000 a year to parting with my job within 8 months; I made half my software engineering salary within 4 months. I can show you how to take the next steps into transitioning into full-time entrepreneurship with ease and less hassle!

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